stefan rohloff - lens test
Sun Stars analog
You can see the sun at two different positions. Ghosting changes with the position of the sun. Sometimes even the shape of the sun star depends a little bit on the position of the sun.
Specifications: Canon EOS 3 or Pentax MZ-M, Fuji Sensia 100, f/16.

Sun Stars digital
The digital images show the crop of a APS-C sensor with a crop factor 1,6. For comparison the 36 mm x 24 mm full frame is shown.
As you can see it is easier to get a nice sun star on film than on the chip of a digital camera.
Specifications: Canon EOS 20D, f/16, 1/160 s left, 1/320 s right.
In Ken Rockwells tests you can find an image including the sun star of the Zenit Zenitar 2.8/16. It's less regularly shaped than the suns stars of Zeiss, Nikon und Pentax.
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