stefan rohloff - lens test
Flare / Ghosting
You can see the front lights of a car at night. One light is covered with a blancet at the pictures at the right hand side. Flare & ghosting depend on the position of the light source in the image. Zoom lenses were tested at 20 mm.
Spezifications: Canon EOS 3 or Pentax MZ-M, Fuji Sensia 100, f/16.
Jonas B from Sweden kindly provided me the following image. It was taken with an Olympus Zuiko 2/21 on a Canon EOS 5D (full frame) at the same aperture as the images above (f/16). You can see that the Zuiko 2/21 shows more ghosting than the Zuiko 3.5/21. The reason is that it is made of more (11/9) lenses/groups than the Zuiko 3.5/21 (7/7) lenses/groups.
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